A resource and a tool to support our heroes

Aflac is committed to supporting medical professionals who care for children with cancer and sickle cell with tools like My Special Aflac Duck and programs to empower innovation in care.

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For children with

My Special Aflac Duck® is specifically designed to help medical professionals and other members of the patient support team in providing care to children with cancer.

This companion helps children prepare for medical procedures, communicate their feelings, practice distraction techniques and so much more.

What’s in the kit:

  • My Special Aflac Duck®
  • Totepack
  • Accessory Backpack
  • 7 Feeling Cards
  • Soundscape Spaceship
  • Medical Play Accessories
  • Port-a-cath Accessory
  • My Special Aflac Duck® App

For children with
Sickle Cell

This duck is designed to reinforce important ways to stay well with sickle cell by associating them with fun and play. The duck also offers methods to help children cope in difficult moments, whether it’s during a pain crisis, a hospital visit, or anywhere in between.

The sickle cell kit provides accessories that are specifically tailored for children with sickle cell.

Additional Items for Sickle Cell:

  • Duck ID
  • Doodle Jacket + Water Marker
  • IV Clip
  • My Special Aflac Duck® App

Facilitation Cards

We teamed up with more than 36 child life specialists to design Facilitation Cards - leveraging best practices created by child life programs across the country for how to use My Special Aflac Duck with patients.

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