My Special Aflac Duck®
My Special Aflac Duck®
My Special Aflac Duck®

You are never alone

We know this isn't easy. My Special Aflac Duck was created for your family - a friend for your child and a tool for you.

What’s in the kit:

  • My Special Aflac Duck®
  • Totepack
  • Accessory Backpack
  • 7 Feeling Cards
  • Soundscape Spaceship
  • Medical Play Accessories
  • Port-a-cath Accessory
  • My Special Aflac Duck® App

Additional Items for Sickle Cell:

  • Duck ID
  • Doodle Jacket + Water Marker
  • IV Clip

This brave little duck is a fun-loving, loyal companion who also understands what it’s like to go through treatment. The duck also offers methods to support your child in difficult moments, be it when they feel unwell or in moments of unease, before, during, or after a hospital visit.

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To fulfill your request for My Special Aflac Duck, you must complete a 30-minute introduction call with one of our Certified Child Life Specialists. The goal of this call is to provide support to your family and share about the My Special Aflac Duck program and the benefits it can provide to your child and family.